Welcome to Rebecca's Biewers! This is our new link to the world of Biewer people and future Biewer people! What is a Biewer? An uncommonly beautiful little fluffball, (actually silky beautiful fur) of amazing personality! The Biewer is an off shoot of the original Yorkshire terrier. It inherited the Yorkie's unflappable heart but is much more beautiful and a little more willing to recline quitely, yes I said quitely, in your lap. While the genetics come from the Yorkies, come play with our puppies and dogs and you will recognize the differences. More lap baby than the Yorkies, the Biewer is also strikingly colored with the same long silky hair, pert upright ears, and whimiscal, confident attitude. Give him, or her a few minutes and your heart will be stolen!

About The Biewer Breed

The breed is catorgorized as a Rare Breed and is registered independently as such. Mr. and Mrs. Biewer had been raising and showing Yorkies for 20 years, when on January 20th, 1984 the first blue, white and gold Biewer named Schneeflocken von Friedheck was born. This was the start of what is known as the Biewer Terrier Breed. Mr. Biewer spent 5 years selectively breeding his dogs until he was able to establish and breed true to a standard uniquely the Biewer Breed. The dogs were then registered as Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon with ACH. In 1989 when Mr. Biewer signed the standard for this wonderful new breed, it was that of the Yorkshire Terrier with the coloring being White-Blue-Gold. Mr. Biewer was not a man of many words, so the standard was short and brief. While not recognized as yet by AKC, there are Biewer Breed Clubs working towards that goal and showing at Rare Breed competitions. Check out these links to our breed clubs. http://www.biewer-btca.com/ http://www.biewerbca.org/

Our Biewer Family

Our Biewer family consists of "Hans" a Best of Breed and Group two winning male, and "Vienna" and "Gigi", our two girls. We all live together in a clean, smoke free home. We breed our dogs selectively. That means litters are infrequent and carefully planned. Our puppies are socialized with children, adults as well as other dogs. This insures a smooth transition into their new home. Since litters are infrequent and can sell quickly please feel free to call or email if you questions about our available puppies! We have the best of course! We adhere to the breed standards established by the Biewers themselves when they were first defining what this breed would be and I am a member of the Biewer Terrier Club of America. We feel excited to be part of the foundation of what will soon become one of America's favorite toy breeds.

Our Current Biewer Litter

We currently have four wonderful puppies available to qualified homes. Two males and two females well socialized. All four puppies are correct for type, with upright ears, correct tail carriage, bites, and their unique tri-color coat. These are all show potential puppies! Superior nutrition and behavioral training is a priority to us. So that our puppies get the best start possible! All puppies will have had their vaccinations and come with a health guarantee. Doggy door training is started at five weeks, with regular bathing, brushing and lots of TLC so they are ready to settle in easily in their new homes. If you want to learn more, or are interested in getting your own “Biewer puppy” please call Rebecca at 760-822-5975 or email us at urbanbiewers@gmail.com